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Beyblade for beginners

Japanese and Korean toy makers follow an unique (or would be uniform the right word?) approach to push their toys to the market: create the TV comic series together with the toy and let kids pressure parents after adopting one of the comic characters as (luckily temporary) role model: Pokemon, Gundam Seed, Beyblade, Grand Seizures, Ultraman, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers -- you name it.
Yesterday I had to give in <g> on a year long pressure to buy beyblades. When they came out here (1-2 years ago) entry level pricing was at 30 dollars, which is now down to three, so the damage was controllable (Make your pick: Ice-cream or Beyblade). The fun thing: beyblades need assembly. As you see in the instructions above, this was well described for a non Kanji reading person <g>.

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