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C-Jump replies

I've dropped Igor from C-Jump a short message pointing to my blog entry about the game. Today came his reply:

Dear Stephan, Anthony, and Ernest!

To Anthony and Ernest:
For many years I was working as a computer programmer. I did like my job and even told my Boss one day that programming was fun and a little bit like playing a game. My Boss smiled back at me and asked to never tell something like that to our customers, who were paying big bucks for programs which we wrote. I hope he can now see the picture of two six year old guys from Singapore and know that there is nothing to be afraid of to say "programming is like playing a game"!

To Stephan the Geekiest Dad in the World:
At this point Anthony + Ernest = 12 years old! If you've waited till BOTH of them are 11+ to play c-jump that would be too late! Right move!

Our entire team sends our greetings, smiles and HUGE THANK YOU for being such a great customers!

Truly yours,


Igor Kholodov

C-jump Factory
346 Washington St. PMB# 224
Braintree, MA 02184

Certainly made our day! Can't wait until he comes up with a board game about object oriented programming!

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