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Mac Mini and Parallels Customer Service

A few weeks ago the old Acer laptop died and the gentlemen and she-who-must-be-obeyed demanded a new machine. So I went and had a very close look at Microsoft Vista. As a result we added a Mac Mini to our IT zoo. Microsoft nicely provides a keyboard driver for the Mac, to all the keys of the multimedia keyboard. First things first I installed Notes7, Firefox and Neo-Office and accounts for all family members. Using iSync all my phones/gadgets are in sync (Notes address book sync pending). The kids adopted iTunes and iPhoto and Comic Maker. So far so good. However some stuff (my aging Quickbooks, Domino Designer etc.) still requires Windows. So I got a copy of Parallels Desktop for the Mac. Just one week after I bought it Parallels released version 3.0. Fifty bucks for an upgrade for a software that is just one week old seemed a bit steep to me. Since I had registered my copy I decided to wait for the "Invitation to upgrade" email with a discount code. Nothing happened. So I send a short email and asked their support what they can do. Here is the reply:

Hello Stephen, writing Stephen instead of Stephan happens quite often with US correspondence

Here's your activation key for 3.0 version:

Best regards,
Parallels Customer Service

@Diana: Thanx a lot, that is excellent service!

Posted by on 09 July 2007 | Comments (4) | categories: Mac


  1. posted by Theo Heselmans on Tuesday 10 July 2007 AD:
    I'm curious.
    2 weeks ago, you advised me to go for XP on my upcoming MacBook Pro, and wait for 7.03.
    Now you use Vista and 7.02 yourself !
    Quid ?
  2. posted by Stephan H. Wissel on Tuesday 10 July 2007 AD:
    Little mis-understanding. The sentence actually means: "So I went and had a very close look at Microsoft Vista and decided not use use it, but to run OS/X". My Parallels runs XP and Linux. I don't use Boot Camp.
  3. posted by David Leedy on Tuesday 10 July 2007 AD:

    Congrats on the Mac mini!!

    Definately let us know if you get any syncing with the Notes Address book going!

  4. posted by ursus on Tuesday 10 July 2007 AD:
    hi stephan

    all well in singapore - we are there again in about 3 months, maybe we'll meet up this time ;o)

    I have switched to a mac fully at home (Mac Pro) and use vmware on it. I was wondering if the mac mini is a viable alternative for work - I need to do notes programming, word, excel and a bit of visio.

    thanking you in advance