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But I want to play Linux, Daddy!

One thing, besides the action and tranquility of the Loola Resort I specifically like is their inclusion of their social environment. While the resort initially was incepted by an European, it is run and progressed by local people. Furthermore the resort serves as an anchor point for charitable work. They take in computers and refurbish and distribute them to local schools to improve computer literacy. Since we have the Mac mini and the ThinkPad I decided to donate the two Ubuntu boxes. I moved all the data to our NAS and off the boxes went. (Of course the harddisks had a little treatment before installing the latest and greatest.
Today Ernest realized that the desktops were gone. I explained what happened, which seemed to please him. However he then stated: "But I want to play Linux Daddy, you better put Linux on the Mac!". Parallels anyone?

Posted by on 16 August 2007 | Comments (1) | categories: Twins


  1. posted by Slawek Rogulski on Thursday 16 August 2007 AD:
    I read the title and I thought you were referring to yourself as Linux Daddy Emoticon smile.gif, as in wanting to play a Linux Daddy.

    Looks like a nice place this resort.