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Change of Schedule

Today is the first day in Primary 3 for Anthony and Ernest. The past two years they had the luxury to have school in the afternoon. This has changed. They have to get up at 6am to be ready for the bus picking them up at 6:45 (SWMBO insists on sending them by bus, I would put them on their bikes). So from now on I'll get up at 6am too. I'll see how that will change my daily schedule.

Posted by on 02 January 2009 | Comments (1) | categories: Twins


  1. posted by Dave Harris on Friday 02 January 2009 AD:
    Yikes that's early Emoticon shocked.gif

    I don't think it's quite that early here in KL, but then, aside from the fact the my eldest isn't old enough for school yet, we're not actually allowed to use any government schools, so any school she did go to would have to be an International school. That's cost-prohibitive.