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Uncle Pitt promised us a robot, but what is this?

Escaped from snowy Europe my old friend and partner Peter de Waard visited us for XMas in Singapore. To get the boys exited we announced that Pitt will bring them a real robot. In disbelieve they looked at the box after ripping it open:
CT Robot assembly kit
Luckily curiosity isn't in short supply when you are 10 years old and the world is your cupcake. After seeing where it might end they started bogging their grandfather to teach them how to solder (luckily he is a retired electrician) and are looking forward to bring that CT Bot to live. They even might pick-up some German along the way.

Posted by on 30 December 2010 | Comments (1) | categories: After hours Twins


  1. posted by Jens-Uwe Fimmen on Saturday 15 June 2013 AD:
    So did you get the c't bot alive? It took my wife and me weeks to get two build and get the initial SW loaded.
    Lets exchange discoveries Emoticon smile.gif