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Disecting a mail UI

At Connect 2016 Jeff announced that there will be an IBM Verse Client for Domino on premises. Domino customers are used to an high amount of flexibility, so the tempation will arise to customize the Verse experience.
However this ability is nothing that has been announced in any IBM roadmap. So any considerations are purely theoretical. What is the interface of Verse made of. WIthout reverse engineering, just by looking at it, one could come to the following conclusion:
A possible structure of the VerseUI
This looks quite managable and lean. Now if all these components are Widgets (if build in Dojo) or Directives (if build in AngularJS) or Components (an upcoming HTML standard) it wouldn't be too hard to envision customization abilities.
Using the excellent Tilt Extension for Firefox one can visualize how the different web clients are structured.Comparing iNotes, Verse and the conceptual model above yields quite interesting results:


3d view of the iNotes client

IBM Verse

Structure of Verse


Structure of VoP
Stay tuned for more contemplation

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